Merry Xmas

Time for a little break and to celebrate with family today. I’m up early for a change (it’s 5:30am) and the cats are awake so thought I would add to the website. After wood fired pizza’s last night and a couple of glasses of red wine then early to bed I’m ready to go, Tracey told me I’m not allowed to be the grinch this year LOL We have Mathew and Nicola coming over for lunch and dinner. Our lunch is Ham and Salad’s since its summer here in Australia and on a mild day today its only going to be a high of 30ish and possible rain. I’ll be coking the prawns for Nicola and myself as we are the only ones who like them its a tradition to have seafood here in Australia for Xmas day. I wish all my family in New Zealand a happy Christmas and happy holidays, I’m looking forward to 2023.


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