So this is Me (Andrew) and my Wife (Tracey) Frater

Things I’m Passionate About In Life


Well I like and use Linux for almost every thing from OpenSuse on my desktop, Openmediavault on the NAS/Home Server and not to forget Bodhi Linux installed on the HTPC in the media room. Plus Volumio on the bedroom media player. Even the server this website is running AlmaLinux.

GKR Karate

I have been involved with GKR since 2012 and have graded to Black belt and have been teaching for a few year now. I started after my son graded to orange belt (he no longer does Karate) and carried on through injury’s and a 6 month break.


Vinyl and Tube amps they are both old school but I love them and have just over 60 albums some new some used but all well worth the money. My McChanson 300B amp takes pride in the media room this was an expensive decision but well worth the money along with the other 4 tube amps (total of 5).