25th Wedding Anniversary

Today 25 years ago Tracey and I got married in Brian and Debra’s (Kingsford street Christchurch) backyard. The weather was fine and sunny but not to hot for a New Zealand summer. We had all just celebrated Xmas and now only a few days latter held a wedding. I still remember been nervous as I spoke our wedding vows but I think Tracey was more worried I would not be heard (very quiet in my younger days). So 25 years on we have lived and learn with 3 children all of whom are no longer at school and Mathew has moved out of home. We lived in Christchurch then to Auckland for a few years, once we had Emily we decided to move back to Christchurch and followed up with Mathew and Lauren. Then in 2010/2011 our Live’s changed forever as the Earthquake’s struck Christchurch. After several thousand aftershocks Tracey and I decided to make a change and moved to our new home in Australia in 2011 where we have lived since.

Tracey and Andrew Wedding Day

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