So I went a little crazy the other day and decided to upgrade the turntable. I purchased a very well looked after Pro-Ject Classic Turntable with Clamp and upgraded Garott Brothers K2 cartridge. The turntable condition is immaculate along with the turntable I brought a Music Fidelity X-LPSv8 pre-amp from the same gentleman. It took about 40 mins their and back to pick up the Turntable and Amp along with a chat with the gentleman, By the time we arrived home I realised the turntable would not fit into the cabinet as the old turntable was a lot smaller whoops. It then was another trip to IKEA to get a cabinet/book stand, placing the unit on its side I know have more room for albums and a place to put the turntable and pre-amp. I have about 40 albums along with Emily's collection of about 30 albums "this is getting an expensive hobby" Tracey tells me.


Pro-Ject Classic Turntable  Turntable with Pre-Amp and Vinyl Records