Shodan HoOn Sunday the 24th of November 2019 I graded to Shodan Ho and gained my black belt in GKR Karate.  I started after Mathew graded to his yellow and at the grading I said to Mathew "Do you mind if I come along" He said OK, so I began in 2012. I remember my first class standing their in shorts and a tee shirt with Sensei Ben and Sempi Andrew thinking what am I doing. I have uploaded photos to the gallery and thanks to Cian and Emily for taking the photos for me. The Grading lasted for 4 hours and the hall was very hot. Tracey came with me as support and the Kids arrived in time to watch the kumtie and me receiving my black belt. Also thanks to Sensei Ben, Katie, Sensei Andrew, Sensei Blair, Cian, Kerry and daughter Sam for coming out to watch and support me in my grading.  

I started my first class on a Saturday the date was 10/11/2012 so exactly 7 years and 14 days to get my black belt not an easy task at all. I obtained my Sempi belt about 5 years ago and have been training 2-3 times a week since then.

I will have some video to upload into the gallery latter this week thanks to Kerry.