Fishing at Shorncliffe

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Last weekend we decided to go fishing along with Aunty Alyson and Uncle Glenn. Alyson led the way to Shorncliffe on the other side of Brisbane as we had not been there before. Upon arriving we dropped off the gear, found a car park on the road then found a picnic bench and organised ourselve's. What a beautiful spot on a lovely Saturday afternoon.  I have added some more photos in the gallery here. We all sat down and has some nibbles while Uncle Glenn threaded and fitted the hooks to the fishing rods (the kids where given them for Xmas by Aunty Alyson and Uncle Glenn) then off to about 3/4 of the way down the pier to fish. Well we didn't catch any fish but a couple of people caught some who where close by, one person hooked a sting ray but it got off and took their hook with it. I had alot of bites but no takers,  still it was a good day feeding the fish. After we had finished we all came home and had a BBQ.

A big Thanks to Aunty Alyson and Uncle Glenn for the fishing rods and a great day feeding the fish.


Fishing at Shorncliffe Fishing at Shorncliffe Fishing at Shorncliffe Fishing at Shorncliffe


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