Emily's Graduation and Formal

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Emily School Formal & Graduation

Well the last 2 weeks have been a very busy time in the Frater family house.  After 13 years Emily has finally finished school. The week started with Tracey's mum Debra (Nana to Emily) arriving from Christchurch on Wednesday morning and straight into preparations for her school formal that night. I had taken the afternoon off as per request from Tracey "she told me I had to" we arrived at Springfield Lakes for the photos along with everyone else and another school so parking was at a premium.  My best description of the chaos was "its mad down here" . Once we had taken some photos of Emily and her friends (group photos) we decided to beat the traffic and proceed to the formal venue at the Indooroopilly Golf Club. A couple of drinks later the rest of the graduating class had arrived.  The best arrival vehicle of the night by far was a Mack truck or Optimus Prime for those who know what I'm talking about. I have to admit Emily was looking very beautiful in her traditional formal dress as opposed so some other students who opted for the less appropriate evening wear. 

After the formal Emily went on a mystery bus tour that the school had organised, this included mini golf, Time Out arcade, Wet' n Wild theme park and ended on the beach at the Gold Coast for the sunrise. Emily was the only one who stayed up all the night as she informed Tracey who picked her up at the school (9am) for a well earned sleep on Thursday.

Friday was a day off for me but no sleep in as a early start was required. Emily was dropped off early to prepare as she has two songs to preform during the graduation.  Once I parked the car and Mathew and I walked back to Tracey, Lauren and Debra for the start at the school.  There were 8 classes graduating this year and through out the graduation ceremony Emily sang 2 songs. She sang them beautifully, Tracey, Debra (Nana) and I were very proud of our Daughter (Grand Daughter).

After the event was finished it was back to the high school for the graduating class final walk down the spine. All the classes came out to clap and cheer (even the drums were getting into the action) for their last day at school.

We left for lunch after Emily caught up with her friends and signed their final year books, then headed for ice cream (gelato).

The Saturday morning was off to an early start as Nana was flying back to Christchurch, Emily and Tracey left in the afternoon to Melbourne. The weekend was quiet and I had some good nights sleep (no snoring from Tracey) but getting going on the Monday and Tuesday mornings was a bit hard.  Tracey and Emily returned on the Tuesday afternoon after a great weekend away in Melbourne. They spent some time in the markets and went to the Zoo, then a show Aladian.   By the time they made it home they where both very tired and needed a good nights sleep in their own bed "Emily complained Tracey kept her awake with her snoring".

I have a photo collection of all the events here   and some video to upload soon.

This is one very proud dad now onto those P plates




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