The School Holidays

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Well, another school holidays are over and we have had a busy time. The first week I keeped myself busy making some LED lamps, these are battery powered copper wired led lamp LED lampswarm white and have a nice candle like glow.





On the Friday night we had a mufti class at the Marsden GKR Dojo (this is where I help teach Karate), Once we completed the basics Sensei and I (Sempi) along with the students learnt some self defence principles and their applications. We all had a fun night and realised that its allot harder to train in normal clothes than a Gi. This Month is the Blue Belt Project(link) so click on the link and support this worthy cause.

GKR Marsden Dojo


 The 2nd week of the school holidays we had a visit from Aunty A and cousins from New Zealand. On the Friday a hot 36, We went down to Movie World to begin with Aunty,Emily,Mathew and myself decided to go on the DC Hypercoaster. While the line was quite long and in the sun most of the time we saw a few people finishing the ride including one lady who went backwards and had a great shock LOL. Once we got on the ride and started the climb to the top I thought this is really high the we dropped nearly vertically and that's when Aunty A started screaming and didn't finish until the ride ended LMAO :) . A photo gallery is here.








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